Turn Your Word Press Blog Into A Money Grabbing Membership Site

Micro-Membership is a basic, easy to use WordPress plugin that adds “membership” functionality to your WordPress blog. The real benefit of this plugin is that it seamlessly integrates PayPal or ClickBank payment processing into your blog allowing you to charge for contact and automatically collect payments from your users.

Fully Automated Membership System

Micro-Membership fully automates your membership system from the user registration to confirmation of payment and account activation. Micro-Membership integrates with the subscription and notification services of both PayPal and ClickBank to fully automate the subscription billing and payment process. Micro-Membership generates the required PayPal or ClickBank “Subscribe” buttons on the fly, so you don’t need to add or change any WordPress code.

Fast Activation & Install

Micro-Membership installs just like any other WordPress plugin. You can use use WordPress’s Manual installation process or you can install “the old way” – using FTP to place the plugin in your WordPress plugins directory.

Up To 5 Membership Levels

With this plugin you can create up to 5 membership levels if you want to, including a free membership level.

Customizable Sales Page

When this page is displayed, it doesn’t use your WordPress theme which sets it apart from your normal content and lets your subscribers know that something needs to be done. The key here, however, is in the two buttons – the [paybutton] and the [freebutton]. Notice how Micro-Membership automatically replaces the button code with the appropriate PayPal or regular button.

Flexible Subscription Subscription Intervals

You can set how often the PayPal or ClickBank subscription service will automatically collect payments, anything from 1 day to 9999 years.

Content Teasers and Content Protection

With Micro-Membership every post or page of your blog can have a mix of unprotected text (content everyone can view) and protected text (only viewable by registered users at the proper subscription level). This allows you to create “teaser” text that everyone can view but hide the remainder of the content from users who have not paid to see it.

Start Your Own Affiliate Program

Micro-Membership fully integrates with ClickBank allowing you to recruit an army of ClickBank affiliates to promote and send traffic to your membership site.

Micro-Membership is everything you have been looking for in a Word Press membership site manager plug in without the hefty price tag.

Regular Price: $67.00

Sale Price : $17.00